Black Pods 2

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Thinking of earphones or ear Pods that are more unique than white pods?

Here are our Black Pods 2 is a perfectly respectable pair of wireless earbuds. With decent sound quality. These Black pods 2 are more beautiful and unique than standard white pods.

TheseBlack Pods 2 are the best choice for you if you are the owner of an iPhone.

These are truly wireless earbuds,with Siri controlling audio. The battery life of the pods isexcellent, seamless connectivity and surprisingly best audio quality.

These Black Pods 2 are a bold statement that has no competitor in style, sound.


ThisBlack Pods 2 have avery distinctive style. If you are using wired Earpods, then you are familiar with this Black Pods 2 will look. ButBlack Pods 2aremuch cooler than the white AirPods. The Black Pods 2aresignificantly thicker than that of the EarPodsbecause they have thedevice microphone and the battery inside them. You can feelvery comfortable after long listening periods.


For all our reservations about the fit and feel of the Black Pods 2, they sound good. There is also a good amount of space in the soundstage and the layering in the orchestral backing is pretty impressive. The Black Pods 2 blow the Lightning-equipped EarPods. It offers a flat and thin sound experience compared to the original AirPods.


Black Pods 2deliver an industry-leading 5 hours of listening time per charge. The wireless charging case holds multiple charges formore than 24 hours of listening time.

Need a quick charge? Just put theBlack Pods 2back in the case for15 minutes to get up to 5 hours of listening time.


After a simple one-tap setup, Black Pods 2 work like magic.They’re automatically on and always connected. 


Black Pods 2 can be experienced across all Apple, Android and Bluetooth devices.


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